Total Concept

Logo-ShortDDomation is a young, dynamic and progressive company which specialises in providing advice and guidance about automation, installation and integration of commercial and domestic systems. As a company, we provide guidance from the conceptual design right through to implementation, programming and final integration of the automation project


The world of home automation is constantly under development, as a result there are several competing types and brands of home automation systems available on the market. Here at Domation we make it a priority to evaluate all these systems and provide a tailor made package to suit your personal requirements.



An automation system brings more to your home or business than controlling your lights, curtains and blinds. Domation provides you with a system which integrates all of your technologies together such as alarms, air conditioning, swimming pool systems, audio systems and many other technologies also. Our tailor made solutions provide the perfect integration to your exact specification.



Due to the large number of brands and methods of automation now available, programming can be a  complex task, however here at Domation we have experienced programmers with years of industry experience and knowledge who have worked with many different brands and types of automation. This knowledge and experience allows us to provide effective programming solutions to ensure your system meets your exact specifications.


Total Concept

We can provide guidance right through from the initial design stage to the installation and programming of your system. Domation will handle all of the technologies in your home, avoiding the need to use different companies who only specialise in particular types of technologies. Domation create and install the complete concept from inception to realisation.

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