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Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration certification verifies an understanding of the different ways to integrate a Mac within a Windows or other standards-based network.

This certification is designed for anyone who needs to know how to set up a Mac system to take full advantage of network services such as directory services, file sharing, printing, email, and more.

Wij maken voor u, zowel als particulier als bedrijf, Control4 Drivers op maat voor uw project.


When a device is added to your Control4 system, corresponding drivers are installed to communicate relevant information about that device to the other system components. Hundreds of manufacturers have developed drivers that allow their products to interoperate with the Control4® automation system and more are being added every day.

Sinds juni 2012 is Domation een Vantage Certified Partner!


Vantage stands for perfection. Surely you would not have expected anything less from the global market leader in home and building automation? Not surprisingly, the world’s most beautiful private residences and most luxurious hotels are equipped with Vantage.